DJ Crazy

AKA Ed Cuadrado
Producer, DJ, Remixer

Born and raised on the Southeast side of Chicago, Ed Cuadrado/DJ Crazy Eddie was first introduced to House music at an early age. After falling in love with the House sound, he along with Jimmie “Speedy” Gonzalez formed It’s House Inc. We were just 14 and 15 year old kids looking for any opportunity to play our records and showcase our music and styles. Through mutual friends, they connected with Juan Tovar who was then starting his own record label (World Records). While with World Records they produced 2 Hip House tracks that were released on a World Records EP. That experience changed the way I heard music which took me into a different part of my life – production. For years he would sit and make music on his own, not feeling comfortable enough to show others. Music was always personal to me. Through the years he continued to work on his producing skills while playing out at various clubs and locations throughout Chicago.

With over 25+ years of DJ and music experience, DJ Crazy Eddie has seen and been a part of it all. From the origins of Chicago’s House sound to the heart pounding drums of Electro House and the face-slapping snare of Trap. From carrying crates full of vinyl to carrying USB sticks to be played on CDJs to small DJ Controllers, DJ Crazy Eddie has been able to stay a part of the Chicago music scene. He's only happy when creating "something". Whether it’s working on a new mix, or developing a kick drum sound or remixing a song that continues to play in my head. There’s always something creative going on. Everything generates a rhythm, from the beating of a heart to the rain hitting a roof to the speakers playing Frank Sinatra. My job is to bring those rhythms together and build a story or a lasting memory that will take you back every time you hear that certain song played.